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Old wise slow and steady Biden vs. old fool tireless as a train wreck Trump?

After the special councils report came out last week, I got mad at the press for running with the Biden is Hurt by Flubs More Than Trump Is nonsense and the @WhiteHouse for not going on offense.

Why doesn't the press ask Trump if he can remember the date of his last rape conviction? Or if he can remember the name of the woman attached to the last pussy he grabbed?

And why doesn't the White House invite young vital work-at-home-in-sweatpants journalists to spend a week trying to get dressed every morning and keep up with 81 year old Biden as he jets to the Ukraine or to Israel or to Michigan or South Carolina or to any place else where he is kicking ass, taking names and getting done the strenuous job of leading the free world.

Then Wednesday AM, listening to Michael Barbaro and Peter Baker sip lattes and strenuously ruminate on the @POTUS memory lapses and what impact the issue of mental and physical strength might have on Americans choosing someone to lead our country, I remembered a useful rule for for hiring I learned when I was running ad agency creative departments. 

I was told there are four types of workers; smart and energetic, dumb and energetic, smart and lazy, and dumb and lazy.

And contrary to what I might think, if I wanted to build a successful department I should under no circumstances hire smart and energetic people. If I was looking for someone to come up with good ideas and get them done I should hire the smartest laziest person I could find. Here's the thinking.

Smart and lazy workers figure out the simplest good solutions that solve the problem and require the least energy and effort, money and movement to execute successfully. These are the wise experienced old dudes like Joe Biden who will figure out how to end a war, pass a 300 billion dollar infrastructure bill, lower drug prices and get it all done by the time Jeopardy goes on.

Smart and energetic triathlon running Harvard MBA types working all those long billable hours to produce inch thick power-point decks describing in mind-numbing detail high-priced expensive solutions that sound brilliant ultimately fail. Their schemes are too complicated and costly.

Dumb and lazy do nothing. They are the net zeros of any organizational effort.

Dumb and energetic workers are the ones you have to watch out for. These guys and gals have the energy and wherewithal to work 24/7, round the clock fucking everything up; your business, your project, your country. Everything! They are bold, loud and tireless as a train-wreck. And no one exemplifies the dip-shit-can't-do worker better than Donald Trump. In five minutes of a typical stump speech, Trump will articulate more asinine ideas than Joe Biden has had in a lifetime.

That's why sells Joe Biden t-shirts and swag that supports the re-election of Joe Biden, the only guy running who's proven smart and feeble enough to consistently get the job done and get to bed by 8:00.

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